Strength Of A Woman

I admired her, Not for her smile or her laugh, Though it was beautiful. I admired her, Not for her eyes, Though they shone so brightly. I admired her, Not for her chirpiness or her ability to talk, Though it could instantly brighten someones day. I admired her, Not for her talents or her hidden... Continue Reading →

Thank You COVID19! (NOT)

It happened. The numerous times, in the past two months, that you tried to convince yourself that this virus will just "go away" is not even funny. It happened. It uprooted your physical/ social/ painfully normal life and changed it forever. It happened. The very job you detested but loved, complained but bragged about, barely... Continue Reading →

A Story

What if I start reciting to you a story, Starting with ‘once upon a time’, Revolving around a captivating human, And their actions since their very existence.   You hear my words with great interest, And resonate with every sentence I say. Slowly it dawns upon you, That I am simply describing your way.  ... Continue Reading →

Phase 10

I recently read an article in the Bombay Times saying the lockdown has seen a surge in the sale of board games. Big Bazaar reported a record sale of 20,000 Boardgames since the lockdown started. Honestly, I’m not surprised, just happy. Ever since I ventured into the world of board games I always knew it... Continue Reading →


Board games in India for most of us have been limited to Ludo, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Scrabble and Life. However, there exists a huge selection of games across the world, a lot of which we've never heard of! Today, we're going to review one of these for you- 'Azul' Michael Kiesling, a German board... Continue Reading →

Best Wishes

Someday we’re going to come at a crossroads, And things aren’t going to be the same. Maybe you’ll reciprocate the way I feel, Or maybe we’ll go our separate ways.   All I’d like to tell you irrespective of what happens, Is that you’re always going to be special to me. I have nothing but... Continue Reading →

13 Things I Learnt During COVID19 Lockdown

1. Being a homemaker is tough and under appreciated I’ve seen it everywhere around me, that homemakers don’t get close to as much appreciation as he/she should. That we as fellow family members should be more thankful and vocal about our gratitude towards them, but we simply fail to do so. During the last 6... Continue Reading →

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