Thank You COVID19! (NOT)

It happened. The numerous times, in the past two months, that you tried to convince yourself that this virus will just "go away" is not even funny. It happened. It uprooted your physical/ social/ painfully normal life and changed it forever. It happened. The very job you detested but loved, complained but bragged about, barely... Continue Reading →

A Letter To My Doctor – Bestfriend During The COVID19 Pandemic!

Dear bestfriend, You know, it is already difficult that a person you feel so close to, lives a few thousand miles away from you on a totally different continent. But it is all the more difficult with your profession and these torrid times, that a man cannot help but worry even after all the assurances... Continue Reading →

13 Things I Learnt During COVID19 Lockdown

1. Being a homemaker is tough and under appreciated I’ve seen it everywhere around me, that homemakers don’t get close to as much appreciation as he/she should. That we as fellow family members should be more thankful and vocal about our gratitude towards them, but we simply fail to do so. During the last 6... Continue Reading →

An Open Letter

Insecurities - Overthinking - Validation - Self Respect - Mental Peace - Love - Happiness. Some very big words these, big enough to literally control huge chapters in our lives and yet, so easily and critically connected to each other like a series of dominos. Take care of one of these aspects in your life... Continue Reading →

Movies That Inspire Me

A great film strikes through to the heart of what it means to be human, inspiring the mind and moving the spirit. Underdog stories, tales of incredible transformation, overcoming immense hardship, and the journey of an average person to heroism. Such tales stay with us forever and inspire in us something that we never knew... Continue Reading →

A second life – Part 3

A second life - Part 1 : A second life – Part 1 A second life - Part 2 : A second life – Part 2 So fast forward to 2019, and I have made more friends and acquaintances than ever before. I am not shy to meet new people, or ashamed of myself nor insecure to... Continue Reading →

A second life – Part 2

A second life - Part 1 : A second life – Part 1 The biggest change I made for myself, was I started taking care of myself and my body. I started watching what I ate/drank and what I put my body through. But clearly, that was never going to be enough. You cannot undo 10... Continue Reading →

A second life – Part 1

I have been meaning to write about this since a couple of weeks now. 2019 has been very different for me on a lot of levels, especially when it comes to the kind of person I’ve turned out to be so far. I am going to bare my soul in this post (you have been... Continue Reading →


It may not be the desired result you want and it may not be the result you hoped for, but let me tell you, it doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change who you are as a person or a human being, and it doesn’t change what you’re trying to do with your life. And please... Continue Reading →

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