The paradoxical being

She was a phantom of delight, When first she gleamed upon my sight. A carefully packaged paradoxical being, But in reality the complete opposite of what I was seeing.   A hopeless believer in the doings of fate, Always talking about wanting to procreate. A constant source of chronic stress, But today for you my […]

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Mrs. Melodrama

I have a friend who personifies the word, Her thoughts and reactions are often absurd. Her normal day is a page taken out of a dramatic script, Her life a big fat melodramatic manuscript.   Our story began in the most unexpected way, Thanks to all the attention to her I had to pay. But […]

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She ❤️

She was her own person, Opinionated, stubborn and strong. She was her own supporter, Loud Enthusiastic and powerful all along.   She had her own demons, Below her bed or in the cupboard. But she also had her angels, Whispering over her shoulders calling her demons absurd.   She had a lot of potential, The […]

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The Lost Forever Friend

We crashed paths in school, And it was a hate-hate relationship. God knows how but over the years, It developed into a kinship.   It had its ups and downs, Sometimes happiness and sometimes frowns. Its been quite a journey with you and its not been easy, That attitude and those birthdays have been anything […]

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A few different walls and windows, A place making me want to stay indoors. A habitat for the people I call my own, A place reminding me I’m not alone.   A place full of emotions, memories and laughs, A place we share with our better halves. A place where I am forever welcome, A […]

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The Night

The sun is setting still, The moon is yet to rise, And all we’re left to see is, Beauty in earth’s eyes.   The trees stand proud and tall, And the clouds loom in the sky, Its probably going to rain today, As the gods begin to cry.   The stars have started to shine […]

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Your BMI Sucks!

The body mass index, or BMI, is commonly used in doctors’ offices or in general fitness terms as a way to estimate your body fat level. It provides a quick and easy way to evaluate obesity trends in the general population. Medical professionals use it as one of many screening tools, such as cholesterol checks […]

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The Pure Hearts

Everyone needs friends to share their troubles with, Keep these people as close to you as your teeth. Some volunteer to hear your troubles, Others just wait for you to pop those bubbles.   But once in a while you come across a Pure Heart, Someone who’s always been far apart. You don’t know them […]

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Moving On

What’s done is done. What’s gone is gone. One of life’s biggest lessons is Moving On.   Choose the way you see your cup. Half depleted? Semi-full? Grab the horns. Steer the bull.   This is just an experience, a minor glitch. Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.   I know […]

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It may not be the desired result you want and it may not be the result you hoped for, but let me tell you, it doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change who you are as a person or a human being, and it doesn’t change what you’re trying to do with your life. And please […]

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