The Wish

This year for my new year wish I ask,

A little more luck and a little something from the past.

I want that girl who sat at my side when I drove,

I want the girl whose laugh made my day whole.


Every one of those exchanged smiles from across the room,

I want those moments back that got our friendship to bloom.

Its still just as effortless to remember those days,

Brings the widest smile to my face your peculiar ways.


I’m always going to be here cheering you on,

I promise to be by your side from dusk till dawn.

I’m always going to be in your corner for every fight,

Remind you of your Herculean might.


So here I am asking you to grant me this wish,

Turn this friendship into a uniquely assembled dish.

For I loved those fifteen days and I hope to live them again,

For you’re the one I miss each time it starts to rain.

Eternity & Beyond


I wish I could have you here with me,

Hold your hand as and when I please,

Hug you tight when I feel incomplete,

A life without complications is all I plead,

Things would be so easy indeed.


To love and care for you is all I seek,

Be your go-to person at any time during the week,

Hold your hand and hold you tight,

Never ever let you out of my sight.


I feel I’m perfect for you and no one else is close,

I’d love you with all I have and this nobody can oppose,

I think what stops you is the fact that I’m not your type,

But has any other guy before been worth the hype?


What I think you need is someone who makes you feel loved,

Someone who makes you realize what you’re worth,

Someone who puts an effort in you and your wellbeing,

Someone who makes you realize you’re worth cherishing,

Someone who will never get tired of all your cribbing,

Someone who adores you and your fussy eating.


I adore you so much it makes me insecure,

Cause I know it’s not going to be long before someone figures out your allure,

People don’t see it now cause you’re in a carbon state,

Put through some tests and it’ll reveal your diamond ways.


Sometimes I feel the dark and repeal the light,

No vision in my deemed eyes,

Lost in thought so scared inside,

Wishing you were here to hug me and say it’s alright.

The First Hour

In the first hour of talking to her,

I didn’t know what was going to happen.

She was one among the crowd,

Not different at all.


In the second hour of talking to her,

There was something special.

She was not the same person,

Turned unique all of a sudden!


In the third hour of talking to her,

She looked into my eyes!

I stood transfixed in her gaze,

In my stomach were butterflies.


In the fourth hour of talking to her,

She looked in my eyes again.

Silent words were exchanged

between our gaze.


In the fifth hour of talking to her,

I realised I wanted to wrap her in a hug.

Just make her realise how special she is,

And whisk her away from the world.


I took a silent oath that day,

Never to let her go past my gaze.

Not a day has gone by since,

That my heart I haven’t tried to convince.


The next day that I saw her,

Those beautiful eyes looked in mine again.

It felt like I’d known her forever

And we were already speaking of pasts and future.


That day I knew we were meant to be.

Whether it comes true or not,

We’ll just have to wait and see!


For now all that I know,

Those beautiful eyes are in what I’m lost!

Trying to find a way to get used to that smile,

For it causes my breath to pause and my heart to frost.

-The Travellothoner

The First Time

Your smile makes me smile,

Your laugh makes me laugh.

Your eyes are enchanting,

You make my thoughts seem daft.


Since the day I first laid eyes on you,

My feelings grew and grew.

In that first conversation, my knees clicked and clacked,

And those butterflies flipped and flapped.


And as I spill these simple rhymes,

My mind goes over time and time.

Why didn’t I ask you to dance,

During that slow song of endless romance?


I hope this doesn’t seem too creepy,

Please don’t think my thoughts have flown too freely.

Just know that what I speak is true,

And that I have fallen deeply for you.