The Wish

This year for my new year wish I ask,

A little more luck and a little something from the past.

I want that girl who sat at my side when I drove,

I want the girl whose laugh made my day whole.


Every one of those exchanged smiles from across the room,

I want those moments back that got our friendship to bloom.

Its still just as effortless to remember those days,

Brings the widest smile to my face your peculiar ways.


I’m always going to be here cheering you on,

I promise to be by your side from dusk till dawn.

I’m always going to be in your corner for every fight,

Remind you of your Herculean might.


So here I am asking you to grant me this wish,

Turn this friendship into a uniquely assembled dish.

For I loved those fifteen days and I hope to live them again,

For you’re the one I miss each time it starts to rain.

The Reunion


A collection of people I literally grew up with,

And suddenly in that midst when the reality hit.

Its been 7 years since I last saw this bunch,

A group I used to spend time with everyday till lunch.


From sharing benches, classrooms and busses,

To sharing secrets, pains and crushes.

From collectively hogging tiffins and sharing food,

To sharing answers on a test that wasn’t so good.


From unbelievable banter, teasing and endless laughter,

To making promises of keeping in touch forever after.

And yet there I stood marvelling at the scene,

Trying to recollect how good life had once been.


It all seemed different and yet felt so familiar,

The happy smiles of the teachers we once used to fear.

The same vintage building now covered in fresh paint,

Thus began our journey through the walls so quaint.


And as I stood behind in my class with a happy smile,

To see all my classmates go back in time.

Recollecting memories that have us forever bound,

Never realised how much I missed that chaotic sound.


And the years recede as the time between ceased to be,

We were classmates again, the carefree friends we used to be.

It all seemed so familiar and yet felt so different,

All these mixed emotions housed within this building so magnificent.

The soul twin

Gorgeous smiles with the cleanest heart,

With that awesome yoga bod that sets her apart.

The loveliest voice and the most contagious laugh,

Hogging on greens like a healthy giraffe.


Gifted with the most talented hands and a creative mind,

Patient enough to teach art to the blind.

Carefully making cartoons and spreading countless smiles,

I challenge you to find a substitute within a thousand miles.


A forever perfectionist always wanting to hone her skills,

A friend who’d always accompany on your journey up the hills.

A human sponge absorbing everything thrown her way,

A child like attitude allowing her to learn new things everyday.


A human who’d always understand the puzzle in your head,

A person who’d never let you go upset to bed.

And somehow deep down you’d identify with her all the way,

Your thoughts and attitude match like the number of hours on any given day.


Consider yourself lucky if your match you’ve found,

Its as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack buried under the ground.

I love you with all my heart and every inch of my soul,

You’re as dear to me as to a miser his gold.

The Road Trip

Seldom taking the solitary way up the road,

Finding a contradictory comfort in the radio static aboard.

Or grab your people and make a move,

Blast some music and dance and groove.


Move at dawn before the birds start to chirp,

Bring along a coffee or smoothie to slurp.

Away from the concrete jungle into the natural bliss,

Onto the vacation that was thoroughly missed.


Hit the empty roads at blistering speeds,

Some necessary exercise your car seldom needs.

300 miles of pure heavenly peace,

The beautiful clouds and scenery bringing your mind at ease.


Listen to music aloud or in your mind you sing,

And later regret the stuff you forgot to bring.

A chance to reflect on your thoughts and actions so far,

A romantic affair to rejuvenate that long lost love with your car.


Call it luck or a moment of serendipity,

Your finest bunch confined in such close proximity.

A much needed gathering to pour your heart and share,

With ample time for each and everyone to spare.


Its about the journey and the people around,

The stories and emotions and the laughing sounds.

It is said the journey is what makes the destination whole,

So enrich your mind and rejuvenate your soul.


Sometimes its important to lose yourself in order to get found,

Making ties and memories life is forever bound.

And along the way your scars will heal,

Make you stronger, smarter, happier and bring new emotions to feel.


-The Travellothoner

The one I call Yoda


She’s not the shade of olive green,

Nor three feet tall or super lean.

But in many ways a teacher to whom I go,

Teaching me life lessons and helping me grow.


She’ll be found gazing through a window,

Or working in front of a screen.

Sipping on the coffee she so happily brews,

Pondering about feasting on her next cuisine.


She’s a very intelligent woman,

Always gives great advice.

She’s humble, hilarious and honest,

And a very good wife.


An undisguised beauty,

she holds within her heart.

Always working on ways,

To make the change start.


She’s like a rose that grew out of concrete,

Talking to her is nothing short of a treat.

Unapologetically honest she’ll let you know,

An honest believer in quid pro quo.


She’s fun to be around, more so when drunk,

As peaceful and sorted as a Buddhist monk.

She’s mean to me like any bestfriend would,

But on my side she’s always stood.


I can assure you that I am being sincere,

When I tell you I will always be near.

This distance can only keep us physically apart,

But you’ll forever have a place in my heart.


-The Travellothoner

The paradoxical being


She was a phantom of delight,

When first she gleamed upon my sight.

A carefully packaged paradoxical being,

But in reality the complete opposite of what I was seeing.


A hopeless believer in the doings of fate,

Always talking about wanting to procreate.

A constant source of chronic stress,

But today for you my admiration I profess.


To call her normal would be totally absurd,

To describe her is impossible in one word.

But if a word for her I had to pick,

Fighter is the one with which I would stick.


She’s been fractured and hurt,

Broken down and messed around.

But you can bet on her to brush it off,

To work for her ambition she is forever bound.


She may have lost a move but not the game,

It’ll only burn brighter that fighter’s flame.

That inspiring work ethic and that aggressive drive,

Its been a treat and an honour to see her thrive.


She’s a vixen with a taste in vintage wine,

Expensive taste and a gorgeous smile.

And oh dear girl to you I say,

Push all you want but I am here to stay.


-The Travellothoner

Mrs. Melodrama


I have a friend who personifies the word,

Her thoughts and reactions are often absurd.

Her normal day is a page taken out of a dramatic script,

Her life a big fat melodramatic manuscript.


Our story began in the most unexpected way,

Thanks to all the attention to her I had to pay.

But in the end I admit it has all been worth it,

My coffee always tastes sweeter when with her I sit.


To see her journey has been anything but entertaining,

A journey that radiates a lifetime of learning.

A combination of sugar and spice and everything nice,

Sometimes as hot as fire, sometimes as cold as ice.


A person smiling brighter than the sun,

An innocent soul that trusts everyone.

Her bubbliness and resolve always undeterred,

A total cutie in every sense of the word.


I love her like a rabbit does his carrot,

A person as talkative as a moody parrot.

Chugging green tea when we do beer,

One of a kind in the Eastern Hemisphere.


-The Travellothoner

She ❤️

She was her own person,

Opinionated, stubborn and strong.

She was her own supporter,

Loud Enthusiastic and powerful all along.


She had her own demons,

Below her bed or in the cupboard.

But she also had her angels,

Whispering over her shoulders calling her demons absurd.


She had a lot of potential,

The kind that could fuel a rocket to the moon.

She had a lot of talent,

The kind humanity would one day call a boon.


She had a pretty face,

But it never did her good heart the justice.

She had unmatched aesthetics,

But it never came to her own notice.


She had a pleasant persona,

She had a warm welcoming vibe.

She had the qualities of a champion,

Only struggling to find her drive.


If she lacked something it was self-love,

Which she spent recklessly on the people around her.

She lacked a little bit of perspective,

Which made her vision a little blur.


What she needed most was a shovel,

To dig deep inside her beyond all the rubble.

Cause that is where it was lying all along,

A brain and a heart as big as the amazon.


She was far from perfect,

She was a piece of art.

A masterpiece for the ones who understood it,

A simple lovely human being for the ones who could not.


-The Travellothoner

The Lost Forever Friend

We crashed paths in school,

And it was a hate-hate relationship.

God knows how but over the years,

It developed into a kinship.


It had its ups and downs,

Sometimes happiness and sometimes frowns.

Its been quite a journey with you and its not been easy,

That attitude and those birthdays have been anything but breezy.


If you know me then you know I’ve enjoyed it all,

For I’ve been a bigger pain to you than when you run into a wall.

Its always special with you for reasons unknown,

This friendship has literally shaped the way I’ve grown.


You’re the Chandler to my Joey,

Always so smart and sassy!

I have always admired you,

For your taste so classy.


Its not the distance that hurts me,

I know you’re always just a call or 50 steps away.

Its these weird extended silences,

Which may last a lifetime is why I’m afraid.


But you know I’m always going to be around,

To stick my nose in your business I am forever bound.

Won’t stretch it too long cause I know you’re busy,

With me you know its going to end on a note very cheesy.


Though there is gold in the mountains,

And pearls in the sea.

Those treasures don’t mean as much,

As your friendship means to me.


-The Travellothoner


A few different walls and windows,

A place making me want to stay indoors.

A habitat for the people I call my own,

A place reminding me I’m not alone.


A place full of emotions, memories and laughs,

A place we share with our better halves.

A place where I am forever welcome,

A place where I am lost seldom.


A place where I truly belong,

A place I forever long.

A place where I can be myself and on my own,

A place I love to call My Home.


-The Travellothoner

The Night

The sun is setting still,

The moon is yet to rise,

And all we’re left to see is,

Beauty in earth’s eyes.


The trees stand proud and tall,

And the clouds loom in the sky,

Its probably going to rain today,

As the gods begin to cry.


The stars have started to shine now,

Their twinkle litting up the sky,

The moon has taken its place,

Amidst the twinkle as the hours go by.


A tainted crescent today,

Unable to showcase its complete glory,

Setting about a poetry in motion,

Inspiring us humans to make a new story.


So I stare in wonder with amaze and awe,

A picture I wish I was able to draw,

The night still young but with limited time,

Waiting to unfold yet another rhyme.


And as the stars fall from the dark sky,

I sigh to myself and bid a goodbye,

And slowly the night fades into day,

As the grays disappear and I fade away.

The Pure Hearts

Everyone needs friends to share their troubles with,

Keep these people as close to you as your teeth.

Some volunteer to hear your troubles,

Others just wait for you to pop those bubbles.


But once in a while you come across a Pure Heart,

Someone who’s always been far apart.

You don’t know them and they don’t know you,

Your interactions have been none or very few.


Their actions are questionable but their intentions pure,

Why would a stranger want to present you a cure.

They want to listen to your problems and be your friend,

An act so rare in this recent trend.


And later you realise your problems are so petty,

Whereas theirs lie bigger and heavier than a yeti.

And it makes you wonder about this lovely soul,

Trying to mend your broken pieces when they themselves weren’t whole.


Pain understands pain is what they told me,

To not leave anyone alone is their only plea.

I’ve never felt smaller than in that moment,

When they said they did not need my lament.


For you pretty soul I have nothing but respect,

Nothing but love in every aspect.

And for you I promise I’ll always be around,

All you have to do is make a sound.

-The Travellothoner