The Wish

This year for my new year wish I ask, A little more luck and a little something from the past. I want that girl who sat at my side when I drove, I want the girl whose laugh made my day whole.   Every one of those exchanged smiles from across the room, I want... Continue Reading →


The Reunion

A collection of people I literally grew up with, And suddenly in that midst when the reality hit. Its been 7 years since I last saw this bunch, A group I used to spend time with everyday till lunch.   From sharing benches, classrooms and busses, To sharing secrets, pains and crushes. From collectively hogging... Continue Reading →

The one I call Yoda

She’s not the shade of olive green, Nor three feet tall or super lean. But in many ways a teacher to whom I go, Teaching me life lessons and helping me grow.   She’ll be found gazing through a window, Or working in front of a screen. Sipping on the coffee she so happily brews,... Continue Reading →

The Lost Forever Friend

We crashed paths in school, And it was a hate-hate relationship. God knows how but over the years, It developed into a kinship.   It had its ups and downs, Sometimes happiness and sometimes frowns. Its been quite a journey with you and its not been easy, That attitude and those birthdays have been anything... Continue Reading →

The Pure Hearts

Everyone needs friends to share their troubles with, Keep these people as close to you as your teeth. Some volunteer to hear your troubles, Others just wait for you to pop those bubbles.   But once in a while you come across a Pure Heart, Someone who’s always been far apart. You don’t know them... Continue Reading →

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