The wait

Through the biggest waves, Through the hottest of fires, Through the deepest caves, Amidst all the love I acquire.   There’s still something missing, A void nobody else can replace, A place specifically meant for you, A place I tried to fill with someone new.   I’ve realized now this effort is futile, You’re better... Continue Reading →


To the girl who thinks she's not good enough, To the girl who thinks she's not as strong, To the girl who thinks this hurdle she cannot get past, To the girl who cannot stand up to point out you're wrong.   To you pretty ladies I've only got one thing to say, You are... Continue Reading →

To My Bestfriend On Her Wedding Day

As you embark on this new journey together, Through every terrain and ever changing weather, All you need is a drizzle of laughter and a pinch of trust, A whisper of honesty and an ocean of love. Cause now you have him and he has you, A special bond and a forever crew. -The Travellothoner

A Woman

You are like a little bird Just learning to take flight.   A breath of fresh air Shining like the sun so bright.   You distribute endless joy As great as a baby's smile.   A package with endless potential All wrapped in a body that itself creates life.   -The Travellothoner

The First Hour

In the first hour of talking to her, I didn't know what was going to happen. She was one among the crowd, Not different at all.   In the second hour of talking to her, There was something special. She was not the same person, Turned unique all of a sudden!   In the third... Continue Reading →

An Unsettling Assurance

I sit at night and ponder in this meaningful silence, With no idea of how I should feel. A thousand thoughts and words making its way, Not allowing me to sleep until with these words I play.   A mixed state of confusion filled with some unknown peace, With a little disappointment and yet a... Continue Reading →

The Window

And just as through the window I stared, It all seemed very clear. Its a whole new world outside, Let go off your inhibitions and embrace your fears. -The Travellothoner

How Is It Going To Be?

I wonder how my life is going to turn out to be, When I find someone with whom I'm meant to be.   Would it get easier or would the struggle continue, Is it going to be just The One or a collection of few?   Do you have to chase life or let life... Continue Reading →

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