Your BMI Sucks!

The body mass index, or BMI, is commonly used in doctors' offices or in general fitness terms as a way to estimate your body fat level. It provides a quick and easy way to evaluate obesity trends in the general population. Medical professionals use it as one of many screening tools, such as cholesterol checks... Continue Reading →


An Unsettling Assurance

I sit at night and ponder in this meaningful silence, With no idea of how I should feel. A thousand thoughts and words making its way, Not allowing me to sleep until with these words I play.   A mixed state of confusion filled with some unknown peace, With a little disappointment and yet a... Continue Reading →

The Window

And just as through the window I stared, It all seemed very clear. Its a whole new world outside, Let go off your inhibitions and embrace your fears. -The Travellothoner

How Is It Going To Be?

I wonder how my life is going to turn out to be, When I find someone with whom I'm meant to be.   Would it get easier or would the struggle continue, Is it going to be just The One or a collection of few?   Do you have to chase life or let life... Continue Reading →

The Choice

I didn't fall in love with you, I walked right into it with my eyes wide open. Choosing to take every step along the way, And having faith in what fate had in store for me. I spend my days waiting for you, Searching for your face through the crowds. And my heart skipped a... Continue Reading →

A second life – Part 1

I have been meaning to write about this since a couple of weeks now. 2019 has been very different for me on a lot of levels, especially when it comes to the kind of person I’ve turned out to be so far. I am going to bare my soul in this post (you have been... Continue Reading →


A state where you don’t care about yourself anymore, A state where all your worries go to rest. A state where your entire world changes for a few hours, A state where being vulnerable feels the best. A state of unknown tranquility and peace, A state so powerful to put everything at ease.   A... Continue Reading →

The New Friend

We exchanged looks at the library, And I knew your face was new. Little did I know back then, That with time I’d start caring for you.   You seemed so pretty and jolly, Always sporting a bright sunny smile. Your stupid Manchester City jersey annoyed me though, I could spot it from a mile.... Continue Reading →

The Sleepless Night

  Just a winter morning Waking me up wrongly at three or four, My mind the only brightened thing In this darkened house.   I wake up from my bed Turning to my spot at the window, Leering outside on the empty street Pondering on the kind of day it has been.   Recollecting all... Continue Reading →

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