The First Time

Your smile makes me smile, Your laugh makes me laugh. Your eyes are enchanting, You make my thoughts seem daft.   Since the day I first laid eyes on you, My feelings grew and grew. In that first conversation, my knees clicked and clacked, And those butterflies flipped and flapped.   And as I spill these simple rhymes, My mind goes over time and time. Why didn’t I ask you to dance, During that slow song of endless romance?   I hope this doesn’t seem too creepy, Please don’t think my thoughts have flown too freely. Just know that what … Continue reading The First Time

The soul twin

Gorgeous smiles with the cleanest heart, With that awesome yoga bod that sets her apart. The loveliest voice and the most contagious laugh, Hogging on greens like a healthy giraffe.   Gifted with the most talented hands and a creative mind, Patient enough to teach art to the blind. Carefully making cartoons and spreading countless smiles, I challenge you to find a substitute within a thousand miles.   A forever perfectionist always wanting to hone her skills, A friend who’d always accompany on your journey up the hills. A human sponge absorbing everything thrown her way, A child like attitude … Continue reading The soul twin

She ❤️

She was her own person, Opinionated, stubborn and strong. She was her own supporter, Loud Enthusiastic and powerful all along.   She had her own demons, Below her bed or in the cupboard. But she also had her angels, Whispering over her shoulders calling her demons absurd.   She had a lot of potential, The kind that could fuel a rocket to the moon. She had a lot of talent, The kind humanity would one day call a boon.   She had a pretty face, But it never did her good heart the justice. She had unmatched aesthetics, But it … Continue reading She ❤️

The Lost Forever Friend

We crashed paths in school, And it was a hate-hate relationship. God knows how but over the years, It developed into a kinship.   It had its ups and downs, Sometimes happiness and sometimes frowns. Its been quite a journey with you and its not been easy, That attitude and those birthdays have been anything but breezy.   If you know me then you know I’ve enjoyed it all, For I’ve been a bigger pain to you than when you run into a wall. Its always special with you for reasons unknown, This friendship has literally shaped the way I’ve … Continue reading The Lost Forever Friend