My Many Masks

My smile hides my tears, My laugh hides my screams, Life is but a paradox, And nothing is as it seems.   I find things to be happy, And things that bring me joy, But the truth is deep down, I am just a little boy.   I doubt anyone really knows me, They just... Continue Reading →


The Unsung Heroes

For the ones who always heard me, The ones who were always there, The ones who always felt my pain, The ones who always cared.   Everytime that you were standing next to me, Each time that you kept an eye from afar, How did you know I needed a hug, Or just some space... Continue Reading →

It Pains Me

It pains me to see you like this, To see you struggle the way that you do. It pains me to watch you from afar, Feeling so helpless cause there's nothing I can do.   I stand here eagerly waiting for you to reach out, Hoping you gave enough faith in me to help you... Continue Reading →

A Story

What if I start reciting to you a story, Starting with ‘once upon a time’, Revolving around a captivating human, And their actions since their very existence.   You hear my words with great interest, And resonate with every sentence I say. Slowly it dawns upon you, That I am simply describing your way.  ... Continue Reading →

The Rain

It is raining cats and dogs outside, And the weather is cool and gloomy. The air is filled with the scent of wet mud, As the earth reminds us of its tarnished beauty.   I sit by the window for hours together, With a cup of hot chocolate to enjoy. Busy watching as the rain... Continue Reading →

A Drop Of Life

She was like art, And art wasn't meant to make you feel good. It was meant for you to feel something deep within you.   Or maybe she was like water. And water wasn't meant to be stunning, It was meant to quench your thirst.   And that is exactly what she did to me,... Continue Reading →

Sun Bound

For them to see you shine, You're going to have to stay far away, Cause you're just like the sun.   When you're too close, Your light blinds them.   And when you're too far away, They will seek you. So let them seek you.   -The Travellothoner

The wait

Through the biggest waves, Through the hottest of fires, Through the deepest caves, Amidst all the love I acquire.   There’s still something missing, A void nobody else can replace, A place specifically meant for you, A place I tried to fill with someone new.   I’ve realized now this effort is futile, You’re better... Continue Reading →


To the girl who thinks she's not good enough, To the girl who thinks she's not as strong, To the girl who thinks this hurdle she cannot get past, To the girl who cannot stand up to point out you're wrong.   To you pretty ladies I've only got one thing to say, You are... Continue Reading →

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