Strength Of A Woman

I admired her, Not for her smile or her laugh, Though it was beautiful. I admired her, Not for her eyes, Though they shone so brightly. I admired her, Not for her chirpiness or her ability to talk, Though it could instantly brighten someones day. I admired her, Not for her talents or her hidden... Continue Reading →

A Story

What if I start reciting to you a story, Starting with ‘once upon a time’, Revolving around a captivating human, And their actions since their very existence.   You hear my words with great interest, And resonate with every sentence I say. Slowly it dawns upon you, That I am simply describing your way.  ... Continue Reading →

Best Wishes

Someday we’re going to come at a crossroads, And things aren’t going to be the same. Maybe you’ll reciprocate the way I feel, Or maybe we’ll go our separate ways.   All I’d like to tell you irrespective of what happens, Is that you’re always going to be special to me. I have nothing but... Continue Reading →

To A Special Someone

You came into my life like a breath of fresh air, Lit up my world and for me you cared. It was so beautiful in the beginning this new found light, It rejuvenated my life and gave me a reason to fight.   But soon the same thing happened like I always fear, I started... Continue Reading →

The Confession

I will be honest with you though cause I feel you I owe you that, You are the best thing that’s happened to me and that’s a fact. I want to be a better man for you cause you deserve the best, And I’m going to work hard to ensure I’m better than the rest.... Continue Reading →

A Pretty Woman

She was a bouquet of delight When first she gleam'd upon my sight; A lovely presence the heavens sent To be my life’s ornament; Her eyes like stars that are so rare Just like twilight’s beauty, her dusky hair; The image of her that these words drew I gazed at her as the time flew;... Continue Reading →

They Inspire Me

I’ve been lucky to have a few strong characters around me, Some of them older and some younger to me.   I learn from them something new every single day, Be it correcting the words I say or how my thoughts make their way.   Y’all make me realise how privileged and spoilt I am,... Continue Reading →

A Reality Check

I was looking forward to seeing you all week, Your presence was all my heart would seek. And as soon as I saw you my heart skipped a beat, “This girl is so special” I just wanted to tweet.   I sat across you and we got talking, Your pleasant presence always so warming. And... Continue Reading →

I Remember You

I remember you smiling everyday, A smile that took my breath away.   I remember your laugh so contagious, Effortlessly lifting my mood so serious.   I remember your scent so beautiful, The strings of my heart it'd pull.   I remember your hair so pretty, It'd flip my day so shitty.   I remember... Continue Reading →

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