The First Time

Your smile makes me smile, Your laugh makes me laugh. Your eyes are enchanting, You make my thoughts seem daft.   Since the day I first laid eyes on you, My feelings grew and grew. In that first conversation, my knees clicked and clacked, And those butterflies flipped and flapped.   And as I spill these simple rhymes, My mind goes over time and time. Why didn’t I ask you to dance, During that slow song of endless romance?   I hope this doesn’t seem too creepy, Please don’t think my thoughts have flown too freely. Just know that what … Continue reading The First Time

My road to 26.2 Miles – Weeks 3 and 4

In response to my posts from earlier, I continue ahead. If you haven’t read it before here’s a link to it. Part 1 : My road to 26.2 miles – Week 1 Part 2 : My Road to 26.2 Miles – Week 2 The idea initially was to post a weekly update as well as my training plan along the way. However, week three was uneventful or vaguely eventful and so I decided to club the 2 weeks. However, I don’t think that will be necessary in the weeks to come, since training has picked up quite some pace this week. So … Continue reading My road to 26.2 Miles – Weeks 3 and 4

My Road to 26.2 Miles – Week 2

After writing my first post last week, My road to 26.2 miles – Week 1 , what I thought would be the beginning of a fast journey towards achieving my goal, has turned out to be quite a slow and sluggish start. At the peak of my training, I literally waited all day just to get a workout in or head off to the gym. That’s certainly not the case anymore. I find myself bored and making excuses to get out of going to the gym, or from going for a run, something which I hated to do a couple of … Continue reading My Road to 26.2 Miles – Week 2

The soul twin

Gorgeous smiles with the cleanest heart, With that awesome yoga bod that sets her apart. The loveliest voice and the most contagious laugh, Hogging on greens like a healthy giraffe.   Gifted with the most talented hands and a creative mind, Patient enough to teach art to the blind. Carefully making cartoons and spreading countless smiles, I challenge you to find a substitute within a thousand miles.   A forever perfectionist always wanting to hone her skills, A friend who’d always accompany on your journey up the hills. A human sponge absorbing everything thrown her way, A child like attitude … Continue reading The soul twin

My road to 26.2 miles – Week 1

From this point on, I have exactly 8 weeks to prepare for my full marathon at The Tata Mumbai Marathon on 20th January 2019. It’s going to be very tough and a challenge in every sense, since I was busy with exams and haven’t trained for a single day since October. Running itself has been on hold since over a couple of months now. I’ve decided to document my entire journey through these 8 weeks, so that it’s easier for me to keep a check, and this is a way for me to keep myself accountable. For anyone reading, I … Continue reading My road to 26.2 miles – Week 1