A state where you don’t care about yourself anymore, A state where all your worries go to rest. A state where your entire world changes for a few hours, A state where being vulnerable feels the best. A state of unknown tranquility and peace, A state so powerful to put everything at ease.   A... Continue Reading →


The New Friend

We exchanged looks at the library, And I knew your face was new. Little did I know back then, That with time I’d start caring for you.   You seemed so pretty and jolly, Always sporting a bright sunny smile. Your stupid Manchester City jersey annoyed me though, I could spot it from a mile.... Continue Reading →

Why I Run!

I used to be the kind of person who always said "I hate running". And I meant it too. Being a fat kid that I was, my go-to activity was computer games, staying indoors and eating . I wanted an easy-to-implement, cheap exercise to help me lose baby weight (although I wasn't a baby anymore).... Continue Reading →

My Kinda Woman

Out of the 7 people billion people in this world, 3.5 billion to pick and choose from. And yet here I stand in front of the universe, Waiting to find the one I’d call My Kinda Woman.   Some prefer sexy while others prefer tall, Some prefer athletic while others prefer a doll. 3.5 billion... Continue Reading →

The Sleepless Night

  Just a winter morning Waking me up wrongly at three or four, My mind the only brightened thing In this darkened house.   I wake up from my bed Turning to my spot at the window, Leering outside on the empty street Pondering on the kind of day it has been.   Recollecting all... Continue Reading →

The Winter Morning

As I woke up to that chilly dark, Trying to look through my window as the strays bark. My alarm screaming its horrendous tune, Filled with regrets on having to leave my bed soon.   Having fought this war countless times, To listen to my mind or body I couldn’t decide. And as the birds... Continue Reading →

The New Year

Another year is coming to a close, It is time to forget all your troubles and woes. For me this year was tough, full of ups and downs, It brought many emotions, tears and many frowns.   Now another year is approaching fast, Let's hope it's a New Year with love and health, With a... Continue Reading →

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