To Begin With, I am starting this blog mainly to inspire people who want to take a break from their daily office routines, or travel enthusiasts who are looking to plan their next adventure. Also, this acts as a medium to share my stories with my people.

¬†I have traveled to several parts of the world; exploring the whole world being the ultimate dream. From traveling with family, to going about with friends or going solo, the latter being the favorite choice. And from having stayed in luxury hotels and tours to living in hostels and using public transport, I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of varied experiences.

This place is also going to be my whiteboard for sharing all of my Marathon experiences too, from training programs to maintaining diets and fitness and how to avoid injuries. I will also be writing reviews on various reviews on marathons in Mumbai, and around. A couple of marathons across the country, that I have been able to participate in.

You can always reach out to me or drop comments below.


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