A Better Man

I don’t know what I lack

That prevents you from taking the next step.

I don’t know what I need to do

In order to make you realise how I feel in my hearts depth.


Is it about the man that I am

And that I am not your type.

Or is it about every other guy around

Who’s got your attention with all the hype.


You mean so much to me

That sometimes it literally makes me sick.

To the point where if anyone speaks against you

Their asses I want to kick.


I write countless poems hoping someday you’ll see

How strongly I feel about you and that we’re meant to be.

It’s not that I cannot move on

Believe me that is easy.


I’m scared I’ll never find someone like you,

Or feel the same way again.

I am who I am

This is me pouring my heart out.


But would you feel any differently,

If I tried to be a better man?


-The Travellothoner

77 thoughts on “A Better Man”

  1. You can be whoever you desire and whoever others desire you to be. Do your self and the rest of the world a favour. Whoever you become, when you look in the mirror, be happy about who you are becoming. Know that you do it for you, for whoever you love in your life, and make sure that you might even be good for the rest of the world one day. Do it in love ❤

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  2. Don’t go changing to try and please anyone. Someone will come along and see your worth as you are. Only change if you are not happy with you. Only change to better yourself FOR yourself.

    For if a person can’t love and accept you as you are, the changes you will make in yourself are motivated by a desire to please them and win their affections. If the relationship should fail, you will be angry for having given up the authentic you and the changes you made will not likely be long lasting because it was done to benefit another.

    Best to you

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  3. Don’t waste your valuable time and energy loving someone who is unavailable to you. Many people are insecure and will continue to lead others on for attention, as soon as you let go of them they will suddenly be interested. Life’s too short to waste on someone who doesn’t appreciate you as you are. Good luck.

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  4. resonates deeply. floating in the same boat brother. very cathartic process, of keeping the heart open when it is being slammed by inattention, but some of the folks (in the comments above) have already alluded to the lesson that seems to be coming through. its a privilege reading your words!

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  5. This is a great poem. I loved the expressions used in the poem. You are a gifted writer.🌸
    Maybe now is the time to finally move on and not look back. Probably life is waiting to embrace you lovingly at the next step.

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  6. I don’t mean to be a pest, but did you unfollow me? I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t have a lot of likes from you. You liked my last post; I’m just trying to figure it out, why I lost a subscriber today, and it seems to be you. I always see you liking all my posts, so I am confused.

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      1. Well, thank you for liking all of my posts. I’m glad to have someone who—though not following me—reads my stuff. I’ll just put that 51 there, in my head. It’s just a number. I didn’t know if you were offended by something I said, or just getting tired of what I wrote. That’s all.

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  7. “I’m me and nobody else; and whatever people think I am or say I am, that’s what I’m not, because they don’t know a [damn] bloody thing about me.” Alan Sillitoe, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 🙂

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