My Many Masks

My smile hides my tears,

My laugh hides my screams,

Life is but a paradox,

And nothing is as it seems.


I find things to be happy,

And things that bring me joy,

But the truth is deep down,

I am just a little boy.


I doubt anyone really knows me,

They just know I exist.

I wish I could just live free,

Without the fear of being dismissed.


But over time I have learned,

To keep these feelings at bay,

Cause everyone around me

Is drowning in their own way.


I wish my people understood me,

I wish they stuck around more,

Part of me doubts if they ever were my people,

Or just human who were bored.


-The Travellothoner

69 thoughts on “My Many Masks”

  1. “Part of me doubts if they ever were my people,
    Or just human who were bored.” – that got me. I am wondering the same a lot of times… Did they ever really care or are they just bored.

    Awesome. Keep writing πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

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  2. Ok. I have to say this one got under my skin. In a very pleasant way. I’m going through a kind of a thought process of them many masks we wear daily to be accepted. Here is a little exerpt of one text I’ve been writing: “Because you are everything and everywhere. You exist as much as a grain of sand, starlight, gravitation and silent rumble of vacuum of space. Here is where you belong, you have your rights and obligations.Β  As you are born as a free child of the stars but you have nailed your own foot down and chained your spirit to draw a circle eternal. Covered your face with masks so to be accepted by the blinded eyes of your fellow spirits, looping on the same perfect circle.”

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      1. Thank you for your encouraging words! Just starting this whole blogging thing and feel a bit lost. But it’s the content that counts in the end I hope. Some sturgling with english also, since not a native, but it’s a learning process and I like it. 😊

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