To the girl who thinks she’s not good enough,

To the girl who thinks she’s not as strong,

To the girl who thinks this hurdle she cannot get past,

To the girl who cannot stand up to point out you’re wrong.


To you pretty ladies I’ve only got one thing to say,

You are wonderful the way you are, in your own beautiful way!


From the lady responsible for my existence today,

To the lady who held my hand when I went astray.

From the one who taught me to read and write,

To the one who loves to kiss me goodnight.


I am surrounded by y’all like a bee around a flower,

Walking around in ignorance, unaware of your power.


Its an open untalked secret this circle of life,

From the days I needed my mother to seeking refuge in my wife.

Y’all run this world and make it a better place,

I hope one day I can repay you for every sacrifice and tear behind that face.


Until then I say “Thank You” and admire the graceful,

For your mere existence I am forever grateful.


-The Travellothoner.

103 thoughts on “Grateful”

  1. Thank you πŸ’•β€οΈβ€οΈ to the person who wrote this post, may you be the leading example of the purity in these words. πŸ’‹ Thank you for such meaning

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  2. Wow, May you be blessed for writing such a wonderful and beautiful tribute to God’s creation woman. As we are born with a worry gene and the moment we find out we are pregnant until we pass on we worry about that gift, our child. Thanks for seeing the beauty that women hold even in our physical weaknesses.

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  3. Thank you for your warmth and insight. I also really appreciate having you reading my Southpaw poems. Isn’t it wonderful the way we can reach out across the great Earth.

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  4. for the man whose heart sees and understands …

    You Who
    lifts these clouds

    You Who
    lifts these hills

    You Who
    made me

    to lift my eyes.

    Β© Laure A. Brook

    Your writing reflects Him. Amen, brother!


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