The Window

And just as through the window I stared,

It all seemed very clear.

Its a whole new world outside,

Let go off your inhibitions and embrace your fears.

-The Travellothoner


14 thoughts on “The Window”

  1. Hi, I`d let you know that I`ve nominated your inspiring and beautifully illustrated blog for the so called Mystery Award. As far as I understood, it is about building a community / networking – and not so much about an award. Please, visit my accordant post with the requirements for participation if you like. Cheers, Weiss-Nix

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  2. A very well written short piece, me likey. Thanks for liking my recent post The Land of Mend and Bend btw. Your support is much appreciated.

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  3. I just typed this out “…” and then I came across The Window…thanks for courage.

    “Why should I be afraid to do what I want to do?
    Spilling, writing, regurgitating from within the corridors of the mind
    Dark hallways with locked doors intrigue me yet I am repulsed
    The shadows cannot hide what light is trying to find
    Why can’t I be happy with reading what others write
    Instead of dredging up the undivine?”

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