How Is It Going To Be?

I wonder how my life is going to turn out to be,

When I find someone with whom I’m meant to be.


Would it get easier or would the struggle continue,

Is it going to be just The One or a collection of few?


Do you have to chase life or let life come to you,

Or wait for Karma to do its part for when you’ve paid your dues?


I wish someone knew the answer or have an idea of how to get through,

All I know is change is the only constant in the stories we brew.


The unknown doesn’t scare me nor does it hinder my groove,

For if life is really about the unknown do I have anything to prove?


-The Travellothoner

30 thoughts on “How Is It Going To Be?”

  1. Yes. I’ve discovered after my many years that seems life finds you if you only leave yourself open to it. But I think you already know that. Very well written and flows very well. Take good care. 🙂🌹

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  2. Life becomes what we make it, as for karma it’s like a programmed software you just can’t get pass it. Life always have a letter for us but to how you feel about that letter depends 100 percent on us

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  3. Very poignant thoughts…we’ve all been there…I’ve noticed after 70 yrs of livi,g…you can plan your entire life moment by moment…but we don’t have control. It will be what it will be and we have so little control….if you think you do….not

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  4. I long for the “unknown”. What scares me is “knowing” what’s probably going to be every day of my life! Getting lost is cool because I have to “create my journey” in order to get back, assuming I want to get back to the daily grind! Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Loved your thoughts and I think you seem to be doing everything right – traveling and running(taking care of your health), so you’ll be just fine!
    Life for me is about making choices and living them well. To slow down, to experience more, to spend time on health and fitness, or with loved ones as against stressing and working all the time – these are choices, that will determine the course of our lives.

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  6. Sometimes, that’s what makes life interesting. If all things in life is predictable it’s like re-watching a movie. You know the plot and for every scene, you know what’s next. Sooner or later, you’ll get bored.

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