My Kinda Woman

Out of the 7 people billion people in this world,

3.5 billion to pick and choose from.

And yet here I stand in front of the universe,

Waiting to find the one I’d call My Kinda Woman.


Some prefer sexy while others prefer tall,

Some prefer athletic while others prefer a doll.

3.5 billion types to choose from,

But somehow I struggle to even find a date to prom.


As I sit here writing about my preferred woman,

Thus evolves a vague image in my head.

Someone I hope who keeps me on my toes,

Someone who shares with me all her woes.


An independent woman who knows her way,

A wonderful woman who’ll brighten my day.

With an effortless smile and a contagious laugh,

Someone personifying my world in a photograph.


Unapologetically herself perfect in her imperfection,

A woman so awesome that she can be humble.

To you dear lady I say you’ve made my dreams come true,

You’ve made me realise the wonders my heart can do.


-The Travellothoner

52 thoughts on “My Kinda Woman”

  1. reminds me of a very famous scene from the western film McClintock. John Wayne greets his long estranged wife (played by Maureen Ohara) upon her return home to the estate. He looks at her, clearly ambivalent, and utters some of the most honest words to cross a man’s lips: ” Half the people on this planet are women. Why did it have to be you? “

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  2. will never find a perfect person..there is no such thing..that’s why love is so confusing and complicated . we always find a opposite. But it will be okay.what you love about her will be worth it.

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