The Sleepless Night


Just a winter morning

Waking me up wrongly at three or four,

My mind the only brightened thing

In this darkened house.


I wake up from my bed

Turning to my spot at the window,

Leering outside on the empty street

Pondering on the kind of day it has been.


Recollecting all the faces that were seen today,

Remembering all the conversations that were had.

Rethinking all the words that were said today,

Visualizing all the pages that were read.


It’s all a big blur

Like a day without specs.

Except that 25 minute conversation with her,

That I remember so distinctly.


It was a normal conversation,

Nothing other than the usual.

Although it was a special individual,

That made it all so real.


And suddenly my thoughts

That were once slow went into overdrive.

And what was once a broken sleep

Turned into a struggle.


While the time stood still

And the hours went by.

As the darkness turned to light

And it all faded away.


-The Travellothoner


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