The Winter Morning

As I woke up to that chilly dark,

Trying to look through my window as the strays bark.

My alarm screaming its horrendous tune,

Filled with regrets on having to leave my bed soon.


Having fought this war countless times,

To listen to my mind or body I couldn’t decide.

And as the birds started their melodious hymns,

I decided to act on salvaging my pride.


Out came the shoes while I struggled to hit my stride,

Still in conflict with my lazy side.

And as I stepped out into the dark night,

Waiting for the sun to show its might.


In an hours time as the early dawn broke,

A new set of emotions it began to invoke.

Crimson colours replacing everything once dark,

As slowly came out the sun’s lovely spark.


A mix of emotions the nature seemed to be in,

Throwing a mix of hot from the sun while the cold was still in.

It turned out to be a lovely morning when all was said and done,

With a renewed faith in the capabilities of the sun.


And here I stand overwhelmed with emotion,

As I rewind the turn of events in my head in slow motion.

What was once a foggy night turned to a glorious day,

Marvelling at the nature and it’s mystic ways.

-The Travellothoner

26 thoughts on “The Winter Morning”

  1. The world is full of glorious sights waiting for us to notice them. I enjoyed this. I once described a morning sky with the first hints of blue lightening the eastern horizon. I ended with “Whatever else happens today, nature got to me first.”

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  2. It helps to be OK with the person we are even though we know we aren’t perfect. It doesn’t help to be hard on ourselves, only noticing where we think we need some improvement. I evolved into someone very different than I used to be. But, I feel I am better off for it. And, it seems I am happy with most I see about me, although I am open to change where I am not yet aware I may need to evolve.

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